Reny: Hy Tesa
Tesa: Hy also Reny
Reny: You what? why your eyes red? been crying yes
Tesa: Yeah I've been crying, I was saddened
Reny: Why are you sad? yeah no problem, same story I wrote
Tesa: Just now I was discharged from the hospital, my sister's accident. Now the situation is very critical.
Reny: yes Tesa patient, hopefully your sister a speedy recovery.
Tesa: yes ny, he thanks do'anya
Reny: both, but you do not cry anymore.
Tesa: But, I can’t hold my tears on it.
Reny: You pray alone, I hope your sister a speedy recovery.
Tesa: yes ny, ny yeah I already want to go home.
Reny: Tesa already iya, iya careful
Tesa: Ok ny,

Deni: Hy Bella
Bella: Hy also Deni
Deni: where to go Bella?
Bella: want to play with my friends
Deni: before you want to play the same friend of a friend to you, I may say something inappropriate?
Bella: want to say?
Deni: hmmm ... yeah but you do not get mad
Bella: not really, hurry would say what
Deni: actually from the first, I love you
Bella: Do you really love me?
Deni: I really love you
Do you love me, too?
Bella: hmmm .. yes, I also love you
Deni: really?
ella: yes Deni, Den I went first yes. We'll connect again, sorry for my friend already waiting for.
Deni: ok


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